The Importance of A/B Testing Your Facebook Ads

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A/B testing is a way to understand which of your ads (and campaigns) produce a positive return on investment based on variant designs, copy, and implementation.

Advertising can be a fickle venture. Creating advertising campaigns based on gut or implied perceptions can often lead to disaster because it’s difficult to gauge an audience based on assumptions versus real data gained from analytics and testing.

Sinking a considerable amount of money into a campaign that isn’t tracked and tested can lead to confusion as to whether it could be improved (or why it isn’t working).

There are different approaches to what constitutes as great A/B campaign, but, in general, there are a few factors you would test to gain the highest ROI:

Facebook gives many different tools to conduct A/B testing, but it’s still within your area to take a proactive approach to your advertising to get the most from the social media platform.

Here are some of the immediate reasons why you would want to A/B test your FB campaigns:

There are plenty of additional benefits, but the core to seek do include the three covered such as feedback on the website (landing page), future campaigns, and what works for the platform.

As a business owner it is your duty to not only drive additional sales but to keep costs within reason. A/B testing is one of those investments that improve upon both. The process, at its fundamental level, is relatively easy as it involves small changes to campaigns but as they grow it can become convoluted.

When you are outside of your comfort zone as to where to take the testing and optimization of every element it’s time to seek the experts. Consider getting in touch with us at adQuadrant where we can further explain the benefits of A/B testing and aid in implement the strategy for your business.

The opportunity is there if you are willing to test the elements. Allow us to use our expertise to guide you on how gain real return on investment for your business efforts.


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