The Facebook Roundup: Volume 15

Facebook Advertising


Welcome, again, to our roundup that takes a look at the good, the bad, and the downright awful in terms of Facebook advertising.

As per usual…

Those that land in our “good” selection are ones which really bring forth best practices, creativity, and effectiveness. The “bad” are ones that had a possibility at potential but weren’t exactly making the cut. For the “worst”, and we mean no hard feelings to those at the bottom of the list, is that special feeling you get when your stomach doesn’t settle (that sudden lump in the back of your throat).

So let’s begin with Volume 15.

This edition will be a little different as the sponsored stories and ads have been pulled from mobile.

The Good

Making its way to the top of this list is a rather neat app by Yousician.


What makes it good?

Overall this one caught my eye not just because of the autoplay videos on Facebook but that it takes a unique approach to learning a new instrument with the help of smartphones. It looks like it would be easy to get started and if they built it right – it’ll certainly keep people using the app.

The Bad

Finding its way in the middle of the list is a business app offered by 17hats.

17 Hats

What makes it so-so?

Overall it’s just too wordy and the smiley face kills it. The ad should have been broken up into individual campaigns each pushing just one (maybe two) of the things this app can do to keep it focused and to improve their split testing. I’m sure they’ll get around to doing something like that (hopefully).

The Facepalm

I don’t even know where to start with this sponsored post by ‘Fast Cash for Businesses’.


What makes this having you do a facepalm?

Everything about this ad tells me to stay as far away as possible. Who knows? Maybe they’re legit but when you’re pitching loans and the business looks like it was slapped together (especially so in the campaign) all I can think of is two things: You’re either going to lose your privacy or the loans are so predatory that interest rates are going to be unmanageable.


What did we learn this week?

  1. Video rocks especially if you have a neat, game-like offering close to a hobby this way it keeps them active in using the app
  2. Tone down the amount of copy you’re going to use and if you’re explaining a variety of what’s included in your product you may as well do so through split testing so the options are overloading the reader
  3. Don’t look shady

Seen any good, bad, or down-right ugly ads this week? Have thoughts about these ones? Share your experiences with FB ads and sponsored posts with a comment below.

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