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Direct response advertising is in adQuadrant’s DNA. With a team built of analysts, creatives, engineers, and marketers, we understand the ambiguous pieces that drive positive returns for digital marketing campaigns. Evolving from a performance and brand marketing background, our team gets the importance of combining brand guidelines and audience segmentation when it’s needed, or building aggressive acquisition funnels that drive rapid scale. We know what it takes to move the needle, no matter what your eCommerce brand’s objective.

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We understand the importance of building a campaign to drive awareness, while simultaneously understanding how that leads into acquiring the next customer. Our unique combination of skillsets, experience, and technology distinguishes adQuadrant from the other “well known” digital advertising agencies. Our clients like Telebrands, A Place for Mom, and Thomson Reuters chose adQuadrant because of our strong passion for performance driven campaigns focused on scaling profits through digital channels.

Our team is solely thinking about acquiring the next customer.

Since most agencies are brand agencies trying to adapt to the direct response world, they typically do not have the full funnel mindset. They are focused on the advertising execution and a bit on the creative but typically ignore other key components of the campaign like the funnel stages or email drip campaigns.

Most agencies ignore key stages of the
customer acquisition sales funnel.

With our unique approach and focus on full funnel campaign variables, including mobile optimized sales funnel pages and aggressive drip email campaigns, we will make sure there is not a variable in the campaign that we have not tested thoroughly. The smallest campaign related variable is not too small for the adQuadrant team to dive into and optimize.

Targeting your audience cohorts on Social, Search, or Display with the right ad to drive down customer acquisition costs requires a myriad of disciplines. From creative development to conversion rate optimization and deep data analysis, you need a full, well-rounded team to execute all the nuances of a Facebook/Instagram advertising campaign. Some of the nuances we live by are:

Understand Lifetime Value of Customers (LTV)

Capture events when they happen at the time of click and time of conversion so we can re-engage these customers in future campaigns

Focus on LTV not Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC)

Your most valuable users typically have the highest CAC. You need to achieve the balance between reducing CAC while simultaneously finding the highest LTV cohorts.

World Class Campaigns Designed to Hit Your Target KPIs at Scale

Always refresh your ad creative every 1-2 weeks for best performance. When everyone in your target audience cohort has already seen your ad many times, it becomes more expensive to achieve desirable results.

Execute thumb stopping creative with multiple ad types

The number of digital media ad types continues to grow and so does their effectiveness. Rich attention grabbing media designed for mobile combined with testing all the pertinent ad types are keys to campaign success

In-House Video Creative

Social advertisers are seeing users acquired from video ads have returned higher lifetime value (LTV) and better engagement compared to image ads. This is because videos provide a much richer and engaging experience that allows advertisers to demonstrate the best features of their product.

Click here to view the UNTUCKit Video Creative

Click here to view the Consumer Video

World Class Campaigns Designed to Hit Your Target KPIs at Scale

Most eCommerce companies don't know how to scale their customer acquisition campaigns. Agencies and businesses alike have experienced the challenges of rising CPMs and fluctuating media costs. Our team has figured out the crucial combination of ad spend, channel diversification, and optimization techniques to generate a positive Return on Ad Spend, day in and day out. Speak with one of our experts and find out how we have created success for hundreds of eCommerce companies.

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The adQuadrant Service Offering Includes 8 Key Disciplines in Order to Make Your Campaign a Massive Company Changing Success.

Media Planning

The team at adQuadrant truly understands the importance of developing media plans which clearly outline the path to scaling profitably.

Our campaigns are ultimately crafted to meet the needs of our clients – no cookie cutter approaches – every client receives a fully-customized media plan based on their unique goals, challenges, and ideal customer profile.

Advertising is both an art and science. This is clearly the case with eCommerce advertising where the creative (art) impacts the ad click-thru rates (science). Our media plans will highlight how we will leverage both art and science to hit your target KPI’s.


We are in a world that revolves around digital media involving cross-channel/device interactions that occur daily.

Not only are people using multiple devices, they’re constantly switching between them throughout the day. adQuadrant sees this as a constant in the social advertising world. More devices and constant switching between those devices.

A full funnel strategy mindset means our strategy must be consistent across the entire campaign. The ad creative must align with the landing page creative. The ad creative must engage, speak to, and convert the users we are targeting. When a prospect submits a lead form we must make sure we have systems in-place to convert that hot lead asap. Therefore our strategy must be all-encompassing to account for all these campaign components. These campaign components/variables must also be evaluated in the context of scaling spend. The strategies that worked at $10K/mo are significantly less effective at $100K/mo therefore our strategic planning must take the effects of scaling spend into account.

Creative Development

adQuadrant knows how to create esteemed, award-winning and striking eCommerce campaigns that generate real business results.

Our innovative approach consists of developing themes of communication while illustrating techniques to get you seen by your specific target audience on Facebook and Instagram. From short form to vertical Snapchat-style video formats, our production team covers all digital campaign creative. Our in-house production studio manages everything from Facebook posts to Instagram images, all matching your brand standards. adQuadrant understands that our client’s audiences need to see constantly refreshed creative content while maintaining the campaign’s precise and conversion-focused elements.


Despite the heavy emphasis placed on images and video, copywriting remains a key element to a successful media strategy.

Effective copy better engages users, and helps to qualify the traffic, which pays dividends in downstream metrics, such as conversion rates covering eComm and lead generation. Our creative doesn’t neglect this often-overlooked aspect of advertising on social media.

Media Buying

adQuadrant enhances your investment and advances productivity through perpetual refinement of campaigns, using our proven processes and tools to track ROI.

Nuanced targeting and measurement are crucial when it comes to using ads across digital channels. As far as analytics, we cover all the bases. From trend recognition to sentiment audits, we use cutting edge technology to understand what works, the tones of each market, and learnings on each social channel.


Leveraging native tools and our own proprietary technology allows adQuadrant to have world class analytics capabilities.

Through our use of predictive optimization, we acquire high-value/high LTV customers and drive ROI for our clients.

adQuadrant studies and acts on real-time/lifetime achievements with dashboards, visualizations, and over one hundred reporting attributes. The business intelligence we utilize allows us to increase efficiency and save valuable time with an extensive compound for everything from ad creation to positioning. Data consolidation and clarity build up convoluted tools and unify first-party data to utilize cross-channel visions through desktop pixels and mobile software devkits.

What this means of our clients is that we know our numbers. And if we don’t hit your target KPI we have failed. In a direct response world it is all about your cost-per-action and all other metrics and analytics are focused around driving down CPA’s.


At adQuadrant, we are always keeping the future goals of our clients in mind.

We use data from past performance and predictable forecasting to determine exactly what we need to spend to reach future goals as well as modify campaigns mid-flight.

We begin this process with a creative audit to ensure we can optimize campaigns in the best possible placements. With online advertising in general, and Facebook in particular, consistent optimization and creative refresh is essential to maintaining the highest possible performance. To this end, adQ’s testing is constant - both from a creative perspective, as well as for audiences and targeting. With the data that is gathered, adQuadrant has a bird's eye view on exactly what details and adjustments need to be made to the campaign such as day-parting, geo-targeting, browser and device targeting, demographics etc.


There are clients that come to adQuadrant with a very explicit need, such as execution of a single ad set.

On the other hand, many of our clients need a more all-inclusive relationship that utilizes our hands on, broad based background to govern numerous campaigns and act as exclusive support to customer acquisition teams that operate internally through our clients. We recognize that transparency and ready availability of data on our partners’ KPIs is paramount to success. To this end, we offer sophisticated reporting capabilities which allow us to pull from a multitude of sources.

Proprietary Reporting Tech

Every client we work with has full, real-time access to their spend, CPA’s, and other relevant metrics via our proprietary solution, LiveQ. This makes reporting and analytics seamless for the client and their stakeholders.

Our tech is fully customizable and accesses all partner data via REST and Facebook API’s to provide a proper, summary dashboard and drill-downs on campaign performance.

Analyst Reports

Along with the technology associated with reporting our analysts develop a myriad of media plans and quarterly reports for you in order to constantly keep you up-to-date on your campaign KPIs.

Some common questions about our services.

What does the structure of the team look like and the capacity to which these individuals are involved with the campaign?

On your campaign you have:

  • 1 ad ops/campaign manager

    This is the lead adQuadrant teammate managing and turning the dials of your campaign. This is your point person for the campaign as well. You have direct access to the individuals running your campaign on a daily basis.

  • 1 data scientist

    In an effort to be laser focused on the quantitative aspects of your campaign by leveraging our team’s deep experience in statistics and predictive modeling, we’re able to better understand which cohorts of users will lead to the KPI’s necessary for scale.

  • 1 conversion rate optimization expert

    adQuadrant is a full funnel direct response firm which means we build and optimize the entire campaign funnel for you. Hence, why having a CRO expert on every campaign is part of our differentiated strategy.

  • 1 creative specialist

    From ad creative to the landing page UI, having a designer deeply involved with the campaign is crucial. Since adQuadrant leverages both external and proprietary internal tools we can test 100s of different ad creatives at scale. Developing and optimizing all this creative requires a designer to be laser focused on the your campaign.

  • 1 front end developer

    The developer on your campaign will build all the landing pages associated with the sales funnel of your campaign.

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Does adQuadrant have a good relationship with Facebook?

Yes we have an extremely close relationship with Facebook. We work with various teams across Menlo Park, Austin, NYC, and Chicago depending on the vertical. These teams span across Facebook Audience Network, Creative Shop, Policy, Newsfeed Product & Monetization, and Auction Science + Delivery.

Having a direct line of communication with Facebook HQ is key for your campaign’s success.
How does campaign reporting work?

Every client we work with has full, real-time access to their spend, CPA’s, and other relevant metrics via our proprietary solution, LiveQ. This makes reporting and analytics seamless.

Please click here to view an example report and screenshot. Our tech is fully customizable and accesses all partner data via REST and Facebook API’s to provide a proper, summary dashboard and drill-downs on campaign performance.

Along with the technology associated with reporting our analysts develop a myriad of media plans and quarterly reports for you in order to constantly keep you up-to-date on your campaign KPIs.

What is your vision for the future of social advertising?

The pace of technological disruption over the last 10 years has changed the face of mankind forever. While the human race became utterly addicted to Facebook, Instagram, and their iPhones most businesses are still struggling to acquire new customers. The marketing landscape shifts so dramatically so quickly your in-house team is playing a constant game of catch up. According to Mary Meeker of the legendary venture capital firm KPCB, your marketing budget allocations are over-indexed to traditional media. For example 16% of your marketing budget is deployed into print while consumers are only spending 4% of their media consumption time on print media. adQuadrant sees this as a constant theme for the future of social advertising. The new platforms are being adopted so quickly that most businesses are always over-indexed towards non-optimal channels.

Not only are people using multiple devices, they’re constantly switching between them throughout the day. adQuadrant sees this as another constant in the social advertising world. More devices and constant switching between those devices.

Your marketing budget allocations are over-indexed to traditional media.

The failure by outside advertising agencies or in-house teams stems from insufficient specialization and resources. A jack-of-all trades team or agency will fail in this hyper competitive fragmented market. To capitalize on the Facebook opportunity (and future social advertising platforms) as a new customer acquisition channel you need a dedicated team with a proprietary skill set and methodology.

A jack-of-all trades team or agency will fail in this hyper competitive fragmented market.

As new platforms are adopted by consumers like Snapchat or Virtual/Augmented Reality and those platforms roll out advertising solutions the agencies who will win in the space will be those that specialize on 1 platform.

How do you foresee your firm growing and adapting to emerging technologies and trends?

adQuadrant has seen 100%+ growth yearly for the last 2 years. We are on a pace to be executing $100M/YR in Facebook ad spend within 18-24 months. This level of spend is also directly correlated with our ability to learn. The more campaigns we run, the more ad spend we push through our system the more experience we gain.

adQuadrant is unique in that we are laser focused on Facebook & Instagram currently. But the leadership team is full of entrepreneurs who understand the dynamics of the online marketing world. As consumer behavior shifts we must understand, anticipate, and capitalize on these shifts for our clients. An example of this is Snapchat. adQuadrant is already in talks with Snapchat HQ to be a beta partner on their pending advertising product.

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What methodology goes into the creation and segmentation of audiences and do you incorporate 3rd party data?

Finding the most profitable customer segment is of utmost importance. There are 4 core ways to build audiences. We will leverage all 4 to make sure we are targeting the proper customer with the proper advertisement.

  • Core Audiences

Core Audiences enables advertisers to reach precise audiences based on four main targeting types: location, demographic, interests and behaviors. This data is pulled from the information shared in Facebook user profiles and the behaviors they exhibit on the platform.

Targeting Examples:

  1. Target users that have mentioned a specific phrase in a Facebook status update

  2. Target users who have liked a specific Facebook Page

  • Custom Audiences

A Custom Audience lets advertisers find their existing audiences among people who are on Facebook.

Targeting Examples:

  1. Leveraging Facebook’s Universal Pixel retarget users who have engaged with other campaigns and other non-Facebook focused funnels

  2. Target users who added to their cart but did not convert with specific discounted offers

  • Lookalike Audiences

A lookalike audience is a group of people who are similar to an existing audience based on several kinds of 'seed' users, allowing you to target more people who look like your established customers. When you use Custom Audiences, you can choose to create a lookalike audience that targets people who are similar to your Custom Audiences list.

  1. Lookalike audiences are key to scaling your campaign. As we find and acquire more high value cohorts we can continue to develop lookalikes around those cohorts in order to find more and more high LTV users

  • Partner Categories

Partner categories is a targeting option that uses data from trusted third-party data partners. That data allows you to target people based on certain attributes, like their income or whether or not they're a homeowner. You may also be able to target people based on things they do off of Facebook, like purchasing a new home.

Earlier this year, Facebook announced that its Audience Network product which allows for Facebook native ads to be placed on a wide variety of mobile apps was dramatically expanding to access mobile Web inventory. Outside of the obvious reach benefits, Facebook has thus far done a great job with the performance of these outside inventory sources. adQuadrant may leverage the Audience Network in your campaign to further target your highest LTV user cohorts.

In terms of targeting here is an example of the type of feedback and learnings we would constantly be providing to you 1) Shift from Interest targeting to Lookalikes audiences 2) Increase sophistication with the building of Lookalikes ie. Build seed audiences off of website activity such as purchases and add to carts.

How does your pricing work?

adQuadrant works on a cost plus model, which means we charge a nominal monthly retainer along with a percentage of total monthly ad spend. We understand that not all ad budgets are created equal, and our pricing can be customized depending on the stage of your eCommerce business.


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