How To Use Third Party Data to Target Intent in Social Media Users (to Drive Acquisition)

Campaign Management


Third party data is information gained from outside sources. When used in advertising the combination of in-house research and third party data can sculpt and paint an ideal picture of your targeted user to refine your advertising efforts.

Third party data comes from a variety of sources. In today’s worth much of it is collected through online methods such as the use of tracking cookies, analytical data, and surveys, but this data can also come from interactions in the real-world such as sales transactions.

Many social media websites, services, and platforms have begun incorporating third party data into ther advertising platforms. This inclusion of data adds items such as online behavior, offline loyalty cards, and a great deal of geographical information.

Here’s the question that’s worth asking: How do you utilize third party data, in social, to drive acquisition?

Third party data can be collecting from a variety of sources. Major providers include Acxiom, Datalogix, Experian, comScore, and many others.  This information comes at a cost but if it means you can optimize your social efforts to target the right individuals then it’s well worth the investment.

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