Facebook Relevance Score and the Action to Improve It

Facebook Advertising


The constant changes to PPC platforms can be a dizzying array of frustration since you will always need to stay on top of the changes and tweak campaigns to accommodate the shifts. Facebook has added this new challenge with the introduction of their Relevance Score to their ad management system.


The Relevance Score, in a nutshell, is a score between 1 and 10 of how relevant your ads are to your target audience. You can find this within your ads manager dashboard by going to reports > customize columns > check Relevance Score > apply changes > go back to your ads on the reports page.

The score is based on a number of factors:

Knowing the relevance score of your Facebook advertising will not only help you save money by understanding which ads are true performers, but it will also give you additional insight and feedback when A/B testing your campaign.


Let’s now look at some of the various ways you can improve your score:

The relevance score is a great way to measure your campaigns without getting into the nitty-gritty details of the data – but also try to never settle, even if you see higher numbers, as there are always new challenges and goals to be reached.

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