Customer-centric Marketing Stats: The One’s You need to Know

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Customer retention should be a top priority for any company. Though this can be difficult when securing new business or managing the various priorities between the marketing, sales, and customer service teams.

There are generally four major reasons why people stick to your business:

These four make the foundation of a great customer experience but one wrong move and the customer that once championed your brand is now on their way out the door.

The following is a selection of customer-centric stats you need to know if you wish to excel at providing customers with the service they need (and desire):

Eye-opening, isn’t it?

The shift in customer service is now becoming dominated by social media. Customers are out there talking about brands, products, and services each and every second. A company that doesn’t monitor and conduct social marketing campaigns are simply missing the action.

If these are the types of stats you want to be a part of then consider getting in touch with us at adQuadrant. We are masterful of the social marketing industry and can help take your company from one which misses the opportunities to one that is championed for providing an unbelievable customer experience through important channels.

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