Increase in Total Sales


Website Traffic Increase


Organic Search Sales Increase


Facebook and Instagram Campaigns Drive 68% Increase in Sales, Boosts Engagement and Website Traffic


A women’s fashion brand, already successful with influencer and organic social media efforts, wanted to determine if paid social advertising could drive incremental sales. adQuadrant efforts successfully demonstrated that advertising on Facebook generated additional sales at an incredible ROAS, and amplified sales and engagement across other marketing channels, including organic search.

What we did

  • Developed the brand’s paid social advertising strategy and educated the in-house marketing team on best practices.
  • Introduced a variety of different prospecting and retargeting strategies along with multiple ad types, including Collections, influencer-centric and Dynamic Product Ads.
  • Leveraged brand recognition to drive efficient, broad reaching prospecting that would grab attention while still driving strong intent to convert.
  • Expanded customer base by engaging with individuals outside the reach of standard organic posts and large influencer campaigns, capturing additional market-share from competitors’ core bases.
  • Deployed interest-based and demographic targeting based upon best converting customer attributes to deliver unprecedented returns and incremental sales.
  • Continually adapted messaging and creative focused on brand’s best-selling products, lifestyle images and viral style videos - along with emojis and hashtags that matched communication style of target audience.
  • Increased average order value by utilizing product placements by promoting complementary pieces for a total outfit.

The Results - The First 90 Days

  • Total company sales increased 68%, from $54 million to $91 million.
  • Saw Facebook/Instagram ROAS between 2,849% and 3,301% on social campaigns.
  • Organic search sales increased from $19 million to $35 million, a jump of 82%.
  • Facebook Likes increased by 61%.
  • Overall website traffic increased by 45%.