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ROAS 90-day after Campaign Launch


Event Ad Campaign ROAS after 90 Days


Professional Training Event Ad Campaign Produced 14k+ Signups at 758% ROAS


Premier education resource for training, staffing and career transitions used Facebook advertising to acquire potential customers for their online and in-person courses. Client had previously worked with another marketing partner, but return on advertising spend (ROAS) was low and budget was not used efficiently, preventing them from scaling. Through adQuandrant’s proprietary technology and methodologies, client sought to boost campaign performance and improve efficiency for their social media investment.

What we did

adQuadrant launched several initiatives dedicated to collecting qualified email leads for remarketing campaigns and direct course signups through attendance of introductory events.

  • Initiated new event advertising strategy to generate signups to online and in-person introductory courses, significantly reducing conversion time and accelerating positive cash flow.
  • Optimized ads to generate unprecedented returns and efficiency, filling events through virality/shareability with reminder posts and parent event page strategies.
  • Maximized budget by analyzing different scheduling and spend strategies, significantly decreasing CPA. Budget benefited from organic lift via social shares, tagging and views.
  • Developed new audience targeting strategies around interest based targeting, identifying most influential, leading characteristics and attributes of users most likely to convert.
  • Improved creative performance at scale by developing new creative themes, frequent iterations and thorough testing by geographical area. Implemented latest available ad units/products such as video, lead ads, and event ads.
  • Utilized insight into audience data and demographics to aid the client in understanding their target demographic and areas of opportunity for further targeting at scale.

The Results

  • In first 30 days, secured 5.5k new email addresses through asset download campaigns at 258% ROAS.
  • By 3 month mark, generated nearly 10k email address at 370% ROAS; decreased CPA by $5.
  • Event ad campaign produced over 14k course signups at ROAS of 758% in 90 days, with the first 30 days of event campaign generating $147k in revenue; optimization and scaling grew that to over $2 million within 90 days.