ROAS 6 Months After Campaign Launch


ROAS of Pre-holiday Campaigns


Increase in Sales in the Social Media Channel


Online Clothing Store Saw 192% Increase in Social Media Sales, 54% Jump inWebsite Traffic


Women’s online clothing store affiliated with a non-profit wildlife conservation organization aspired to create brand awareness and drive sales through Facebook paid campaigns. But the in-house team lacked the technology, bandwidth and expertise to efficiently leverage the channel or scale their efforts. adQuadrant’s methodologies and proprietary technology has maximized reach to the client’s most lucrative audiences and increased profitability.

What we did

  • Initiated cost-effective approach to develop and grow retargeting audiences through efficient and creative prospecting campaigns.
  • Customized dynamic product ads for variety of offerings, matching imagery and messaging to the specific audience targets.
  • Utilized video to boost brand awareness, drive site traffic and amplify sales across all channels.
  • Optimized campaigns through rigorous testing to find best fit for client’s brand and overall ROAS.
  • Increased CTR, average order value and conversion rates through specific interest-based targeting.
  • Pioneered advertising of client’s expanding product line and brands.

The Results

  • Original goal was to hit ~350% ROAS, after 6 months campaign continues to generate between ~500%-650% ROAS monthly.
  • Pre-holiday campaigns, including Black Friday and Cyber Monday, saw ROAS of unprecedented 868%.
  • Drove brand awareness to new heights with 54% increase in website traffic and 23% increase in Facebook likes.
  • Significantly impacted revenue across multiple channels
    • 86% increase in direct traffic sales
    • 198% increase in organic traffic sales
    • 192% increase in social media sales
  • Facebook has become client’s premier channel, driving majority of new customer acquisition.