Delivery of New Customers ROAS


Black Friday / Cyber Monday ROAS


"Gifting" Campaign for Women ROAS


Men’s Casual Apparel Retailer Sees 1140% ROAS Over Black Friday/ Cyber Monday


Managing paid social media campaigns using native platform tools, client experienced diminishing returns, and did not have the resources or experience to support continual creative development/testing, nor efficiently manage complex, multifaceted campaigns in a competitive channel. By partnering with adQuadrant for its technology and methodologies, client aspired to profitably scale and drive their Facebook and Instagram advertising success.

What we did

adQuadrant utilized its industry-leading approach unifying proprietary technology and sophisticated measurement to optimize and manage the client’s campaign in a data-driven, detailed fashion.

  • Boosted brand growth by uncovering target customers through “lookalike” modeling with advanced inclusion/exclusion layering and audience expansion strategies.
  • Introduced and implemented emerging ad units as they were released, ensuring client was first to market for channel opportunities.
  • Drove brand awareness and sales during 2016 holiday season with innovative creative, messaging and targeting.
  • Improved and redesigned creative to increase CTR, Relevancy Scores, and conversion rates onsite.

The Results

By managing every aspect of client’s campaign from original ad creative to conversion optimization, adQuadrant:

  • Consistently delivered new customers at over 300% ROAS.
  • Utilized prospecting and retargeting strategies to generate 1140% ROAS for Black Friday/Cyber Monday campaign.
  • Initiated “gifting” campaign targeted to women for 462%+ ROAS.
  • Unlocked international market with Canadian and UK sales.
  • Positively impacted results for client’s other channels such as display retargeting through successful prospecting efforts.