Case Studies

Explore real-world examples that showcase how adQuadrant has accelerated eCommerce advertising campaigns at scale.

Facebook and Instagram Campaigns Drive 68% Increase in Sales, Boosts Engagement and Website

A women’s fashion brand, already successful with influencer and organic social media efforts, wanted to determine if paid social advertising could drive incremental sales. adQuadrant efforts successfully demonstrated that advertising on Facebook generated additional sales at an incredible ROAS, and amplified sales and engagement across other marketing channels, including organic search.

Online Clothing Store Saw 192% Increase in Social Media Sales, 54% Jump in Website Traffic

Women’s online clothing store affiliated with a non-profit wildlife conservation organization aspired to create brand awareness and drive sales through Facebook paid campaigns. adQuadrant’s methodologies and proprietary technology enabled the client to overcome its in-house team's lack of technology, bandwidth and expertise to efficiently leverage the channel and scale their efforts.

Professional Training Event Ad Campaign Produced 14k+ Signups at 758% ROAS

Premier education resource for training, staffing and career transitions used Facebook advertising to acquire potential customers for their online and in-person courses. Client had previously worked with another marketing partner, but return on advertising spend (ROAS) was low and budget was not used efficiently, preventing them from scaling.

Men’s Casual Apparel Retailer Sees 1140% ROAS Over Black Friday/ Cyber Monday

Managing paid social media campaigns using native platform tools, client experienced diminishing returns, and did not have the resources or experience to support continual creative development/testing, nor efficiently manage complex, multifaceted campaigns in a competitive channel.