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5 Tips to Improving Your Conversion Rate


Most of the people that visit your website won’t engage with you any further. They won’t register, they won’t subscribe, nor will they purchase anything. They simply, bounce off. This is inevitable. However, there are ways in which you can adjust your strategy and keep potential customers moving down the sales funnel. So, before exploring…

The Power of AR Filters and How It Drives Organic Traffic

Social Media

If you’ve seen Instagram pictures of your friends with bright lips, neon frames, or funky sunglasses, you’ve come into contact with Instagram AR filters. Chances are, you’ve used filters yourself to create a fun, augmented reality photo. Recent trends show a spike in Instagram AR filters created by brands. Why are brands creating custom Instagram…

Google Event Recap: Crushing Q4 in a Digital Space

adQuadrant News

After adQuadrant’s Crushing Q4 event, presentations and discussions at Google’s Spruce Goose Hangar, we thought it pertinent to put in writing some of the topics including Jeremy Fenderson’s and Dale Wilson’s Data-Driven Approach to Crush Q4. Crushing Q4 means different things to different brands at different stages of their growth as companies.  Most brands start…

How is tech transforming marketing?


Marketing and digital marketing are more or less becoming the same narrative. As we move closer to the age of data and digital technology, we are seeing marketing has become a huge part of online business growth. With over 7000 online marketing tools now available for businesses, we’ve seen a growth in digital marketing budgets(rising…

Conversational Marketing is the Future


Stay ahead of the curve by launching Messenger Marketing for your business Digital marketing platforms are becoming increasingly saturated on the daily, making it more challenging than ever to break through the clutter. But with modern shoppers conditioned by instant digital standards, it’s necessary to break through, especially if you want to survive in the…

Is Email Marketing Actually Effective?

Email Marketing

Over the years, the digital world has seen countless debates over the effectiveness of email marketing. The truth is, Email marketing drives high ROI and is a vital aspect of both digital marketing and the customer journey. In fact, as numerous digital marketing platforms have advanced, so have email service providers, integrations, segmentation, and personalization….

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