Best Facebook Ad Practices

Facebook Advertising


Facebook was the top app in 2013 clocking in with 103,420,000 average unique users. [1] Other stats worth noting is that 50% of mobile phone users are using mobile as their primary Internet source and 80% of mobile time spent is spent in apps (like Facebook).

It’s safe to say that mobile isn’t going anywhere but up.

If your brand isn’t on board with Facebook advertising then it needs to – sooner than later.

To help you get an understanding of the FB ad platform we’re sharing some of the best practices:

Need some direction? We design the ads based on the market or what the popular trends are, and deploy many “outside of the box” strategies that are proven to work on Facebook and other social channels. Take a look at one of our case studies and get in touch when you’re ready to put Facebook to good use.

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