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The Psychology of Pain and Its Role in Marketing


Display Advertising

  The psychology of pain is our natural reaction to avoid pain; we don’t touch a hot stove because we know it will burn. This psychology also comes into play with our consumer behaviors. We compare a product and apply this psychology to avoid burning hurt by the purchase referred to as buyer’s remorse. Its…

Facebook Relevance Score and the Action to Improve It


Facebook Advertising

  The constant changes to PPC platforms can be a dizzying array of frustration since you will always need to stay on top of the changes and tweak campaigns to accommodate the shifts. Facebook has added this new challenge with the introduction of their Relevance Score to their ad management system. The Relevance Score, in…

The Facebook Roundup: Volume 14


Facebook Advertising

  Welcome, again, to our roundup that takes a look at the good, the bad, and the downright awful in terms of Facebook advertising. As per usual… Those that land in our “good” selection are ones which really bring forth best practices, creativity, and effectiveness. The “bad” are ones that had a possibility at potential…

Rookie Mistakes You’re Bound to Make in Marketing


Campaign Management

  It’s rather easy to become complacent with sales and marketing techniques especially if they have been effective (or ingrained) for the business for many years. The old guard at the business will often become adamant about continuing these techniques whereas new individuals coming to the workplace are generally inclined to offer and suggest something…

These 3 Steps Create Punchier Ad Headlines


Display Advertising

  Hey! You’re one of the few people that read this headline and actually clicked through to the post! Now the question becomes whether you are going to read the rest of it. Catch them on the headline, ease them into the click, and half the battle is over (or so how we’d like for…

How to Quell Disgruntled Users (and Turn Them into Customers)


Social Media

  We’re human so we’re bound to make mistakes. Unfortunately these mistakes, when in the context of business, can do quite a lot of harm to the brand image especially considering that people are more likely to take to social media to complain than to praise an experience. Business mistakes you’re likely to run into…

How to Optimize Your Conversions through Timing


Campaign Management

  Timing is just one of many factors that leads to success in your marketing efforts. The timing includes having resources ready on your end as well as knowing peak Web-usage of your prospects, which will allow you deliver the content at an optimal moment, which leads to greater engagement. There are many barriers already…

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