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Eight Reasons why People are uninstalling your App



  With millions of apps at a users’ disposal it would make sense that a good amount of uninstallation is due in part to users wanting to give an app a try but may not want to fully commit. Usually these types of uninstalls are easy to spot because it often happens not too long…

A World of Facebook Marketing with the Dislike Button


Facebook Advertising

  For years many Facebook users have been clamoring about a need for a ‘Dislike’ button to show their distaste for content and updates shared by other users. Sure, they could easily share their opinion by simply avoiding any sort of participation but being able to express the feeling of disdain, openly on the platform,…

Five Content Curation Tools for the Busy Marketer


Social Media

  Take this into consideration: 70% of Americans are on social networking sites 70% of those check their Facebook daily 49% check Instagram daily 36% check Twitter daily … and the rest of the numbers for other sites are as high as you can imagine [1]. There’s no “secret formula” to how often you should…

The Death of Flash and the Future of Advertising


Online Marketing News

  Adobe Flash is on its way out. Flash has its share of security flaws and slow speeds (to say the least) and newer technologies (like HTML5) has quickly been taking the over the Web as its replacement. Browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox will soon no longer support Flash by default; combine this with…

The Facebook Roundup: Volume 15


Facebook Advertising

  Welcome, again, to our roundup that takes a look at the good, the bad, and the downright awful in terms of Facebook advertising. As per usual… Those that land in our “good” selection are ones which really bring forth best practices, creativity, and effectiveness. The “bad” are ones that had a possibility at potential…

App Community Building: The Essentials You Wanted to Know


Social Media

  What happens when you conduct a successful campaign, drive individuals to your app, and only hook them on the basic experience? Before long they begin to tire and because of new offerings in the marketplace it’s commonplace for them to jump ship for a new experience. When you build a community behind your app…

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